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By Paul Beattie 20 Apr, 2017
This is the leaking Wilo booster pump that had stopped working and was leaking, the pump was uneconomical to repair, in the picture you can see on the outlet to the hot water tank there is no isolation valve making the job a bit harder as the tank had to be drain. Supplied and fitted a new Grundfos booster pump and installed a new isolation valve, it would make servicing the pump much easier.
By Paul Beattie 19 Apr, 2017
Called out today to overflow (ball valve in main storage tank had failed) in Ballymena. Supplied and fitted a new ball valve in the tank. The overflow has now stopped.
Tip: If the water from the overflow is a bit of a nuisance you could open a cold tap in the bathroom until the plumber arrives. Make sure the cold tap on basin or bath you open that the waste is not blocked.

The next appointment was to take a look at a leak on waste pipe connected to the toilet in Clontarf. The job is booked in for next Wednesday.

Last appointment was to take a look at two hot taps on different basins that have stopped working.  The toilet won't flush either. And there is a faulty shower in the ensuite bathroom. The job is booked in for this Friday.
By Paul Beattie 18 Apr, 2017
First job today, called to a house  in Northumberland Road D4 to replace an expansion vessel and safety valve on central heating. If you find that when you put on the heating, the copper pipe going from the boiler to outside starts to leak, and the pressure gauge on the boiler is very high, the problem could be a ruptured bladder in the expansion vessel. The vessel will have to be replaced.  Replaced expansion vessel and PRV and all is now well.
Then I was on my way to Carrickmines D18 to replace a Stuart Turner pump that was beyond repair. With a new Stuart Turner pump there is  a 5 years warranty. Pump installed to Stuart Turner requirements.
My next job was also in D18 Gordon Avenue. The booster pump had stopped working. When I got there the pump was trying to come on but the motor had ceased and had a bad leak on the shaft: pump needed to be replaced. Booked to do  next Thursday.
Then onto Loughlinstown. Pump had stopped working,  was able to repair, pump is now in good working order. 

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