Are you experiencing any of following with your radiators?

Not heating up fully?
Rusty and leaking?
Radiators hot upstairs but cold downstairs?
All radiators are heating except one?
Sludge In radiators?
Radiator hot at the top and cold at the bottom?
Radiator cold at the top and hot at the bottom?

If you would like to save on your heating bills & some energy then we recommend installing TRVs (thermostatic Radiator valves).

A thermostatic Radiator valve may be installed on a radiator instead of a conventional Radiator valve. The TRV contains a plunger that will close the valveĀ  when the temperature in the room rises, stopping the flow to the radiator.

TRVs work by regulating the flow of water going through the radiator.

TRVs are beneficial when having them fitted to rooms that are not used that often, there are numbered settings on TRV, having them on a low setting will just take the chill out of the room.

Please contact us about installing a TRV system to your radiators today.